OldWorldCeramics, Inc.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Why is it that when I do a comparative search online I find other
similar tiles, and murals for much less than the prices you have them
listed for?
A:  As a foremost expert in the field on Dutch Delft Tiles, we only deal with
original work that is actually hand made and hand painted in Holland, where as
roughly 95% of all other "Dutch Delft" being sold online are actually imitations
made in China, with sometimes as little as a single brush stroke to legitimize their
claim of "hand-painted" tile.

Q:  Why can I not purchase fewer than 10 tiles per order from your
A:  The reason for imposing this limit is to save us and our customers money.
It costs the same amount to ship 10 tiles as it does to ship one.  If we sold
fewer than 10, shipping would cost more than the tile, and force us to raise our

Q:  I have a custom project in mind and I want to use multiple tile
lines and perhaps some unique pieces together what is the best way to
approach the situation?
A:  We would highly suggest calling us so that we could work with you on a
personal level to help organize and ship everything you require in a way that best
fits your time frame and budget.

Q:  I am looking for more information on your products or about your
company, where can I find it?
A:  Please call us or e-mail us.  We will respond via e-mail within 48 hours.  If
you call during office hours we will be glad to offer you additional information on
any and all of our products as well as the company as a whole.