OldWorldCeramics, Inc.
Series E
Sample Installation's and
Series E Catalog Pages
This is a tile line that is machine made.  It is for use on the wall and includes a large
selection of complimentary moldings. The bulk of the line is produced in a white or in
a cream finish.

This group of tile is from the east of Spain.  The tiles are made in a family run
technically advanced factory.

This is an inexpensive sharp looking line that has many of well made complimentary
pieces to go with a large variety of field tile shapes and sizes.

All of our products come from the regions of the world where they originated and are produced in a manner
that comes as close as possible to the original method in which they were made in the past. We have
strived to avoid the temptation that has enticed so many to find cheaper and less than original copies of a
great product.  If at some future date we were to bring in products from China or India it would be items that
represent those countries’ great cultural history not an imitation of one of another area or era.