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As with most of our lines, this line can be described as a historically correct line of
wall and floor tile that has strong provincial as well as Moorish influences.

It is from the province of Valencia in the east of Spain near the Mediterranean Sea.  
The tiles are made in a small factory that is currently run by the grandson of the
founder, who did extensive research in the antique tile designs of the region and was
the first to start reproducing these tiles.

If one was to travel to this region you would be able to see the original antique tiles
used in some of the local historical buildings, fountains and landmarks as well.

These tiles are hand made in molds and sun dried.  Then they are fired and hand
painted. After the first firing (upon completion of the painting) they are fired one final
time.  They are made in a style that faithfully reproduces the original 15th to 17th   
century style tiles of this province and pick up some of the Moorish influences of an
even earlier period.

The finish of the tile has been painstakingly reproduced to look just like the original
tiles. This includes the slightly crackled finish, its glaze, the shapes of the tiles and the
reproduction of the art style of that period and province.

All of our products come from the regions of the world where they originated and are produced in a manner
that comes as close as possible to the original method in which they were made in the past. We have
strived to avoid the temptation that has enticed so many to find cheaper and less than original copies of a
great product.  If at some future date we were to bring in products from China or India it would be items that
represent those countries’ great cultural history not an imitation of one of another area or era.