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Series G
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This line has an extensive color range available in both field tiles as well as numerous
moldings.  There are also a number of historically correct relief designs that work well
with the field tile and moldings or stand alone for an impressive affect. They are from
the Porto region in the north of Portugal.

In addition to the historical tiles we have a growing number of in-stock tiles and
moldings that have more in common with 20th century trends.

The tiles are made in a medium sized, technically advanced family run factory near
the Atlantic coast.

The factory supplies us with a beautiful group of stock tiles and has made some of
our most prestigious custom projects that involved extensive use of the traditional
17th century painting and sculpted edge techniques as seen in some of the palaces.

Originally the company was predominantly involved in providing tile for the restoration
of historical buildings in Portugal.

If one was to travel to Portugal and visit towns like Sintra, Lisbon, or Cascia you
would be able to see the original antique tiles used in some of the most beautiful
palaces, churches, other historical buildings and fountains as well as in local homes.

These tiles are hand made and hand finished in a style that faithfully reproduces the
original style tiles of this region.  Some of the tiles have also been used as exterior
siding at different periods of time. From the middle 1800 the beveled brick was used
and prior to that the raised floral relief tiles with incredible painted detail was used to
cover the entire exterior of buildings while others were used as trim details.

Because of this factory’s commitment to detail, perfection and its production
capability, it is one of the two factories we use for our custom made projects.

All of our products come from the regions of the world where they originated and are produced in a manner
that comes as close as possible to the original method in which they were made in the past. We have
strived to avoid the temptation that has enticed so many to find cheaper and less than original copies of a
great product.  If at some future date we were to bring in products from China or India it would be items that
represent those countries’ great cultural history not an imitation of one of another area or era.