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Series M
Sample Installation's and
This line has a variety of styles and motifs some of which are timeless such as
flowers, herbs and vegetables and others that are more regional in theme such as the
Old English and Provence line.

All of these lines have matching field tiles and bull nose pieces and all of the field tiles
except for the herbs group and spices have decorated corners.  

These tiles are pressed in several hand made plaster molds and then removed from
the mold.  Once they are out the tile is gently wiped down with a moist sponge to
remove any hard edges, the tile is then laid out on racks to completely air dry.  Once
the tile is dry they are sent to the kiln for the first firing.  Upon completion of the first
firing the tile is ready to be painted with its decoration and corner details.  Upon
completion of the hand painting the tile is given an overcoat of transparent glaze and
is ready for the final firing.    Due to this hand finishing and hand painting process no
two tiles are ever going to be exactly the same.

This group of tile is from the Porto region in the north of Portugal.  The tiles are made
in a medium sized, technically advanced family run factory near the Atlantic coast.

All of our products come from the regions of the world where they originated and are produced in a manner
that comes as close as possible to the original method in which they were made in the past. We have
strived to avoid the temptation that has enticed so many to find cheaper and less than original copies of a
great product.  If at some future date we were to bring in products from China or India it would be items that
represent those countries’ great cultural history not an imitation of one of another area or era.  
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